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Rehabilitation centers treat a person with any substance dependency such as drugs and alcohol to optimize their functioning for daily life activities and reduce their disability. Rehabilitation centers are recovery clinics for drug addicts. Drug rehabilitation centers provide a treatment program that includes both medical and psycho therapeutic help to patients to live an independent life; free of drugs and become a more productive member of society.

IZR is playing its role in the fighting epidemic of addiction in Pakistan for more than 10 years with dignity. IZR is offering counseling services in society to help their client to get insight into their problem and then assist them to change their ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving to fulfill the personal potential to bring an individual back toward a productive life.

IZR is providing the best rehab services in the city and believes that a person can spend an independent and productive life through the collaborative efforts of family or significant others. It provides family members with important knowledge and skills to deal with patients effectively. Because IZR believes that a family also requires recovery with the patient. Patients are helped to become effective persons psychologically, physically, and socially through psycho therapeutic and medical services. These patients are brought toward meaningful life without being dependent on drugs.

IZR is not only serving drug abusers but also society through its rehabilitation services. The drug-dependent person becomes a cause of disturbance for family and society. Drug addicts commit various illegal activities in society and harm others with them. IZR is providing services to help these individuals to become effective members of society.

IZR believes that a person can be brought toward a better life by eradicating the reason behind drug addiction. That why IZR is also providing services for personality issues, anxiety, communication, unemployment, and family issues. These issues mostly become the cause of drug addictions and drugs slowly destroy a person’s whole mental abilities and personality. IZR is determined to fight against this epidemic addiction situation in Pakistan and serve the community through its services.
Moreover, IZR offers best facility centre in town for treatment. IZR takes care of inpatients 24/7. IZR’s kitchen is recognized by the Punjab Food Authority Department and it serves inpatients fresh and delicious home cooked food. . IZR facility center provides its clients and staff a neat and clean environment. Every room has adequate ventilation system. IZR’s rooms have cooling and heating facility for the clients and staff. All the rooms are air-conditioned. Clients have the facility to warm their food in the microwave. Fridge is installed in facility area of inpatients to enjoy chill and refreshing beverages.

Written By: Adnan Manzoor

Our Services

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