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Art Therapy

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Art Therapy

Art therapy is an expressive form of therapy in which the creative mind is used to express emotions and feelings. Art therapy is used to improve the emotional and mental well-being of a person. Expression of emotions and feelings through creativity resolves deep and unconscious issues and it reduces stress level significantly. Art therapy also improves behaviors; self-esteem and develops insight. It has proven that art therapy works wonders for a person who has difficulty with: expressing their emotions, managing addiction, low self-esteem, and in general, it is for everyone.

Who needs Art therapy?

Anyone can seek help through Art therapy is a form of communication and the major difference between this form of communication and others is that art therapy doesn’t confine you to express through words or sentences. It allows you to express what you’re feeling through creativity, visual, and non-verbal communication.

Why do you need Art therapy?

Art therapy is a part of treatment. It helps you to focus and check your mental and emotional well-being. It is beneficial for relieving stress, tension, and anxiety. Art therapy develops insight, self-awareness and plays an important part in the healing process. You always don’t have to create something artistic, sometimes you view others’ art pieces to understand and relate what is going on inside.

Do I need to be an expert in Art therapy?

No, anyone can be a part of art therapy. You don’t need to have artistic and creative skills to make art. Art reflects your emotions and feelings and anyone can do that without having an artistic skill. It might be scary and anxious for a person to start with art therapy but as the process goes on, it becomes rewarding and comforting for you to express through a non-traditional form of communication.

Where I can join Art therapy?

At Innovative Zone Rehabilitation, activities are specially designed related to Art therapy for clients. They have the freedom to express themselves through art and creativity in these activities. They share their masterpieces with others to break free from the emotions that are withholding them to express.

Written By: Alina Khaliq

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