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Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore

Drug addiction is not only confined to physical and/or psychological problems but poses the addict and the entire family with multiple problems. From the day the person enters treatment, along with the physical aspect of detoxification, the psychological aspect of acceptance of bitter reality is fixed within the patient.

Understanding the importance of collective efforts is required, We aim to take the families and the significant others on-board during the treatment and provide them with the right knowledge and skills to manage the vicious cycle of addiction. Thus making the life of their loved one functional.

It is essential for a family to recover along with the patient. Innovative Zone provides a suitable platform for the comprehensive recovery of the patient and family. Recovery at Innovative Zone is a complete package that comprises of physical, psychological, and social recovery while identifying the loopholes of everyone involved.  We Have The Best drug rehab Center In Lahore

The extensive treatment program at Innovative Zone seeks to pursue and achieve certain developmental milestones from abstinence (learning how to stop using alcohol and drugs) to sobriety (learning how to cope with life without alcohol and drugs), to comfortable living (learning how to live comfortably while abstinent), to productive living (learning how to build a meaningful sober lifestyle).

Long term health and sobriety are supported by wholesome living, uplifting relationships commitment to values outside of oneself, and spiritual growth. This treatment management aims at re-orienting life around values that are non-drug centered, and a lifestyle that is ultimately sobriety centered.”Best drug rehab Center”