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“The only journey is the journey within”.

The fact of nature cannot be denied that every individual has varying capabilities to handle stress and cope with routine life challenges. Anxiety problems contribute majorly to destroy the mental health of the person and he feels difficult to overcome the personality crises. It is quite hard but equally essential to seek the help of a psychiatrist instead of waiting to see your health decline.

Innovative Zone Rehabilitation is the most trusted rehabilitation center that offers the tiring services of the best psychiatrist in Lahore. Depending upon the severity of mental and physical illness, inpatient, as well as out-patient services, are offered. We admit the patient at our facility to take extra care until his condition stabilizes and he is able to be discharged. We do not leave the victim alone instead provide counseling sessions at his own home to motivate him towards life. You may approach us directly or telephonically to seek help. We encourage your cooperation for your good mental health to build a healthy community.

Aggression, anxiety, depression, maybe due to trauma, accident, broken relationships, unemployment, or any other family issues; worsen mental abilities over time. Unfortunately, the ones who are not able to handle their stress find their way to drug addiction or alcoholism.  Addiction poses serious damages to the central nervous system and other body parts of a human. A harmful consequence of drugs on physical and mental health certainly depends upon the age of the person, type of the substance, and its efficiency to affect the victim and so the treatments are defined accordingly.

Psychiatric Crisis

Management of psychiatric crises is critical to saving the life of a victim from drug abuse or suicidal intentions. At IZR, a team of professional psychiatrists performs timely assessments of the patient and refers for further medical treatment. The patient is hospitalized for emergency relief or a long term treatment depending upon the severity of the case. Psychiatric counseling is the major factor for patient recovery along with medical assistance. It is essentially significant to avoid the recurrence of the illness in the future. Our highly qualified and experienced team member struggles to rebuild the deteriorated personality and suggest effective solutions to the problems.
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