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Relationship Therapy

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Relationship Therapy/Couple’s Therapy/Marriage Counseling

Without experiencing the bad moments, you cannot experience the good moments either. In any relationship, there are a lot of ups and downs, where different patterns of arguing and stressors bring a lot of complications into the mutual bonding between two people. In order to understand and accept the natural tensions and stress of life, it is plausible to introduce therapy into your lives.

Now, why therapy can help?

Instead of pointing fingers or blaming each other, counseling and therapy provides a safe place to communicate and comprehensively talk about the things that bother your spouse or significant other. By introducing an hour without distraction, where the main aim of therapy is to understand and participate, the couples find a new way to relate and release their sense of resentments or guilt which is causing them pain.

Why should you seek help?

When you enter in a relationship, there are a lot of expectations and a lot of needs that are placed in front of the partner. Without realizing it, you start trusting and adopting their mannerism, but at the same point their unhealthy behaviors and shortcomings become a highlight and without resolving the deafening silence caused by this, a couple loses its spark. At IZR, we help salvage the relationship through different techniques. After years of connection and commitment, the spark can fade away and the love can seem lost which increases the distance between the couple.

We are here to help you find that common ground, where things can be led to settlement between the two parties. We give you a chance to amicably handle the losses and regain that composure which is befitting to your relationship. Our CEO and Project Manager, Ms. Itrat Zahra has the 20 years of experience where she has ignited the real understanding and love between the couple for their issues and problems. We welcome all kinds of relationships and couples to our institute without passing judgment or opinions related to any negative stereotypes.

Written By: Maria Mufti

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