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Success story

Saad is a pseudonym used to protect the identity of the actual patient. IZR takes the confidentiality of its clients very seriously and does not reveal any identifying information of any client.

Born an only brother to three older sisters, Saad is the youngest of the family. His problems with drug use began during his teenage years. As he was growing up, he started feeling alone and neglected by his family. His sisters had gotten married and his parents had busy working lives. He was an intelligent student and devoted time to studying, but other than that he increasingly started to find himself alone. This situation was exacerbated by the fact that he had not developed healthy communication patterns. He started resenting his parents and felt that he wasn’t important to them, but he was unable to convey it to them.

As time passed, he fell into unhealthy patterns of behavior to cope with his problems. Spending most of his time partying, he eventually fell prey to the world of drugs at a very young age. This was an exciting avenue for him as he would lose track of his problems as he experienced elation and extreme highs. While his drug of choice remained meth ICE and cocaine, he would use any drug he could get his hands on. He spent the hard-earned money of his parents on expensive drugs without a care in the world. He would lose himself under influence of the drugs he was on and engage in all sorts of immoral activities. As emotional numbness is common for patients that experience substance abuse disorders, he lost his ability to empathies with people or feel remorse for his actions. This led to him physically assaulting his father and partying away while his mother was fighting for her life in the ICU. He engaged in risky behaviors and trusted strangers only to create an intimate relation; something that he felt lacking in his life. Alas, he reached the pinnacle of his disease and went into the state of psychosis.

Unable to control the situation anymore, his parents found no other option than to seek professional help and luckily, they landed on the doors of IZR and henceforth began his journey of recovery.

This was not an easy journey for Saad and his family. They had all been through at least 8 years of darkness and regaining control of life was a daunting task. However, with strength, courage and hope, they had asked for help and IZR was there every step of the way. After immediate psychiatric help, he recovered from his state of psychosis. Then, the challenging task of breaking denial began. The experienced psychologists of IZR worked on rebuilding his self-esteem, reconciling broken familial relations and developing basic skills to cope with difficulties. His counsellor recalls the hours of family counselling that were spent in teaching integral communication skills to them. Saad successfully completed his 100-day recovery program and the many hours of counselling paid off. By the end, Saad had become acutely aware of his problems and himself assigned his limitations/stands for his follow up period. After his indoor treatment, he continued his follow up plan designed by his counsellor and to this date, even after 1.5 years of his treatment remains in touch with the psychologists at IZR.

Today, Saad leads a functional life, is pursuing his higher education and actively seeking a job. Being the only son in the house, he looks after the household and his aging parents, with whom he has an amicable relationship now. He intends to pay back his parents for all the financial losses that he incurred due to his drug addiction. He stays in remission and has not relapsed and has learnt to create a balance in life. He also has an active social life that includes attending parties, but now he has the required skills to abstain from drugs and is in control of his life.

He attributes his success to IZR where he believes he received excellent psychiatric and psychological help. He aims to continue down this path of recovery and keep in close contact with his psychologists in the future as well.

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