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Detoxification is the first step towards sobriety. Detoxification is referred to the removal of toxic substances psychologically and physiologically from the body, it is mainly carried by the liver.

Detoxification can be achieved by decontamination of toxicity with the help of antidotes, medicinal detox, and detox diet.


There are several types of detoxification:

  • Alcohol detoxification
  • Substance detoxification
  • Metabolic detoxification
  • Others

Process of detoxification:

It can take few weeks to months depending on the following factor:

  • Type of substance the user is addicted to
  • Duration of addiction
  • The severity of the addiction
  • Method of abuse (snorting, smoking, injecting, or swallowing)
  • The amount of a substance the user takes at one time
  • Family history
  • Genetic makeup
  • Medical condition


There are two methods of detoxification:

Cold-turkey method (not as such recommended without medication):

Cold turkey is sudden quitting of all the drugs at once. It would be fatal without medical supervision because medicines will help in getting over and managing the acute and post-acute withdrawals.

Taper-off method:

It is a gradual decrease in drug usage day by day. It is well recommended to anyone who wants to self-detox.

Official process:

In registered rehabilitation centers some crucial steps are strictly followed by them which are:


The medical team screens incoming patients for physical and mental health issues. They take blood tests to measure the number of drugs in the patient’s body.


The next step is to stabilize the patient with medical and psychological therapy. The goal of stabilization is to prevent any form of harm to the patient. Doctors can prescribe addiction treatment medications to prevent complications and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Preparing entry into treatment:

The final step of detoxification is preparation for a treatment program. The medical team familiarizes their patients with the treatment process.


The innovative zone rehabilitation follows the “Minnesota model” of detoxification.

According to this model treatment plan of 100 days was made in which 1 to 3 weeks comprised of medicated cold-turkey detoxification under strict medical supervision.

In all these 100 days, the patient will be completely indoors and all the medical teamwork on managing acute and post-acute withdrawals will be taken care of at the indoor facility center through counseling of the patient and the family.

Written By: M. Hussnain Maqsood

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