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I Do Not Want Help!

The recent death of an eminent doctor is a great loss to the field of mental health professionals. He was considered a highly qualified doctor catering to the needs of many clients and patients. According to the news, he was suffering from mental illness for the last few months, but did not take any serious help from his surrounding and family. Despite being a professional, he might have found it hard to confide in someone, or did not want to be perceived as being less competent in his field of work. It could be multiple other reasons for his hesitancy and low stress management, but one cause for the recent death of the mental health professional could be “not asking for help”. We categorize such behaviors in to “SELF-DEFEATING BEHAVIORS”, where some patterns of our lives make it less likely that we will reach our goal. Another way to explain such behaviors is that even though we reached our goal, but the ways we reached the goal cause more bad things to happen than the positive things from achieving the goal, that is also self-defeating behavior.

Some common types of self-defeating behaviors include Procrastination (the act of delaying every task whether its urgent or non-urgent), People Pleasing (trying to make everyone happy, at the cost of your own happiness), Blaming (Inability to accept responsibilities for your own mistakes), Stubbornness (Needing to be always right), Refusal to ask for help (Feeling a like a burden), Negative Self-talk (demotivating one’s self constantly over everything) and Self-Guilt (Feeling undeserving of good things in life). Many more such behaviors are frequent in our lives, where we feel pressed and pressured by the circumstances or our own personality and tend to feel helpless and hopeless at times. Hence, we need to identify, replace and continue to grow by forming new habits which will help in engaging in mindfulness and serenity. The competent team of Innovative Zone Rehabilitation, under the supervision of its renowned CEO Ms. Itrat Zehra, is equipped with such latest counseling and psychotherapies which tend to aid and facilitate the patients and clients in regulating self-defeating behaviors and patterns. Whether, indoor patients or outdoor clients, the doors of Innovative Zone Rehabilitation Center are always open to people who need assistance in regulating their mental well being. By being resilient, paving the path of perseverance and achieving your goals without defeating yourself in the process, let IZR establishment be there for you throughout your journey of success.

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