Bringing together more than 10 years experience in the treatment of drug addiction,

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Ms. Itrat Zehra

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Ms. Itrat Zehra
Clinical Psychologist
(042)35752191 / (+92) 321 4249845 / (+92) 300 4469195
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CEO/Clinical Psychologist

Itrat Zehra is the CEO and Project Director at IZR Wellness Centre. Her experience and expertise range over 20 years of clinical practice. IZR is her initiative that is centered on her own passion and innovative skillsets. It is a growing model led by her and envisioned to cater at large with the best of experience and results in the Mental Health sector.

Specialty Clinical Psychologist
Degrees MSc Psychology (University of Punjab), ADCP (Skill Development Council, SDC)
Training 20 Years
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

My Services

    • Director Counseling
    • Diagnosis & Case Formulation
    • Family Counseling
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